The current working list of trustees, who donate their time and resources to the Food chapter, are:

Alaina Browne of Serious Eats — New York, New York
Angela Moore of The Food Network — New York, New York
Barry Martin  of Hypenotic — Toronto, Canada
Christine Liu — Boston, Masschusetts
Dan Barber of Blue Hill Farms — New York, New York
Darryl Pierce — San Francisco, California
Ellen Lee Weinstein  — Boston, Massachusetts
Food52 (Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs ) — New York, New York
James Cronin of Paul A Young Fine Chocolates — London, UK
Jeff Potter, author of Cooking for Geeks — Cambridge, Massachusetts and Los Angeles, California
Jennifer 8. Lee, journalist — Boston, Massachusetts
Josh Simon of Function Drinks — Los Angeles, California
Leah Lizarondo Shannon of The Brazen Kitchen — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Micki Maynard, — Chicago, Illinois
Peached Tortilla (Eric Silverstein) — Austin, Texas
Rolando Robledo of Clover Food Lab — Boston, Massachusetts

(and three deans to keep things running smoothly)

Jade Applegate — San Francisco, California
Meredith Blumenstock — Boston, Massachusetts
Katrina Panovich — Boston, Massachusetts

In addition, Awesome Food is always taking applications for new trustee slots that may open up on a rolling basis. If interested, please fill out the application form.