The Awesome Foundation’s Food chapter is now taking applications for its $1,000 microgrants to further food awesomessness in the universe.  Apply at and submit under “Food” category.  Every month, one microgrant will be given for an awesome idea involving food, be it urban farming, food truck, recipe collects, pop-up cafes, or health. The more inventive the better.
The application is very simple, mainly consisting of two essay questions: “Describe yourself, your project, and how you’ll pull it off” and “How would you use the money?”

The trustees, who donate their time and resources to the Food chapter, are:

Alaina Browne of Serious Eats — New York, New York
Angela Moore of Food Network — New York, New York
Barry Martin of Hypenotic — Toronto, Canada
Christine Liu — Boston, Masschusetts
Dan Barber of Blue Hill Farms — New York, New York
Ellen Lee Weinstein — Boston, Massachusetts
Food52 (Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs ) — New York, New York
Foodspotting Team — San Francisco, California
Grubwithme (Eddy Lu) — Los Angeles, California
James Cronin of Paul A Young Fine Chocolates — London, UK
Jeff Potter, author of Cooking forGeeks — Los Angeles, California.
Jennifer 8. Lee, journalist — Boston, Massachusetts
Josh Simon of Function Drinks — Los Angeles, California
Leah Lizarondo Shannon of The Brazen Kitchen — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Micki Maynard, — Chicago
Peached Tortilla (Eric Silverstein) — Austin, Texas
Rolando Robledo of Clover Food Lab — Boston, Massachusetts

(and three deans who manage the chapter)

Jade Applegate — Boston, Massachusetts
Meredith Blumenstock — Boston, Massachusetts
Katrina Panovich — Boston, Massachusetts

In addition, Awesome Food is always taking applications for new trustee slots that may open up on a rolling basis. If interested, please fill out the application form.

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The Awesome Foundation originally started in Boston in 2009 and has since grown to be a worldwide network of people with nearly 20 chapters in cities across the world, including San Francisco, NYC, Ottawa, London, Berlin, Sydney, Zurich, among others. Projects funded have included a giant hammock in Boston, tram sessions in Melbourne, and a fab lab in Washington DC.